Duty of Care and Your Risk Management Plan

Travel Risk Management

original author/publisher Lisbeth Claus, John Rendeiro


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Travel risk management plans are embedded within many organizational cultures, in large part due to the hard work of travel managers. Even organizations with plans in place, however, are continually finding gaps in their risk management measures. Travel disruptions like the ash cloud, Middle East and Japan crises can magnify missing pieces. The smartest organizations constantly update their duty of care plans and consistently work to further develop and embed new preventative strategies into their culture. Findings from a recently launched global duty of care benchmarking survey will uncover and quantify what global organizations are doing today to improve their risk management plans. Participants will leave with an understanding of where their own organization stands and how they can improve their practices by further integrating travel, security, HR and the C-suite to identify and eliminate duty of care gaps. Don't miss this valuable session!

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