GBTA Travel Research Toolbox: Travel Risk Management (TRM) Self Assessment

Travel Risk Management

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GBTA Travel Research Toolbox: Managed Travel Index & Benchmarking Tool → Travel Risk Management (TRM) Self Assessment

Conducting a TRM3 Self Assessment can help you determine which TRM3 maturity level best describes your organization's travel risk management program and where you should focus your time and resources to move your program to the next level.

A maturity model, such as the TRM3, can be used as a benchmark for assessing different organizations for equivalent comparison. It describes the maturity of the organization based on a set of key process areas (KPAs) that are required to implement and support a successful program - in this case, a travel risk management program.

It should be noted that TRM3 is a model and not a process. The model describes the characteristics of an effective travel risk management program, while each KPA addresses the specific processes required to implement the program. The TRM3 can help guide efficient, effective improvement across multiple process disiplines within an organization.

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