Global Business Traveler Study 2012

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original author/publisher GBTA Foundation

Date: May 9, 2012


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Globally, business travelers feel their needs are being met – but there is room to improve – especially when it comes to serving the needs of travelers in managed programs. 

The study finds that travelers under a mandated program are working hard to stay in budget and be compliant, but it is at the price of their personal life and comfort.  However, more needs to be done to help them plan and have travel choices available that do not overburden travelers, as well as have help available to re-juggle their itinerary in-transit if needed to avoid hassles.


Travelers “under guidelines” are successful with staying in budget and being compliant, and given a little less structure in their program, are more comfortable during their trips.  However, they are exhausted from the travel and the in-transit hassles, and it has an impact on their personal schedules.


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