2012 Ancillary Fee Handbook: Who Charges What, When, & Where?


original author/publisher ERS Group / GBTA Foundation

Date: June 5, 2012


About this Resource

GBTA's "2012 Ancillary Fee Handbook: Who Charges What, When & Where," provides an overview of the various types of ancillary fees associated with air travel, car rental and hotel stays. 

It is a tool to demystify ancillary fees and provide travel professionals with information they need to manage this growing slice of business travel spending.

The study categorizes virtually all the ancillary fees that business travelers can incur through airline, hotel and car rental travel.  It also provides a rating system that evaluates each fee on three essential characteristics:  

  1. How common it is for a business traveler to incur the fee? 
  2. How transparent it is to travelers and planners?
  3. How easy it is for travel managers to track the fee once it has been incurred?

Resource contributor

Paul Yachnes

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