GBTA Convention 2012 Presentations

Event Presentations & Webinars

Date: October 3, 2012

Last edited by Paul Yachnes on November 26, 2012


  1. Travel Policy Trends: Are Travel Managers Losing Control? Joe Bates, Guy Weismantal, Judy Emma, Robert Wade
  2. Global Business Travel Spending : Where is the Global Industry Headed in 2016? Ken McGill
  3. Teammates or Competitors? Spring Training for 3rd Party Hotel Facilitation Jimmy Romo, William "Billy" Bos, Randall S. Achterberg, Stacey MacAlister
  4. Navigating Corporate Travel in India Michelle De Costa, Kathleen Kaden, Christopher Juneau
  5. Is Your Company Ready to Take the Corporate T&E Card Global?  Ed O'Connor, Sally Abella, Vicki Haugen
  6. Managed Travel 2.0 Evan Konwiser, Scott Gillespie
  7. Going Mobile: Travel Risk Management on the Go Bruce McIndoe, Anne Marie Razza, Lynne Brotman
  8. Realities and Roadblocks: Building a Global SMM Program Cecile Mutch, Shawn Radek, Sandro Honigsberg, Lesley Brasesco
  9. SMM 101: Building the Framework Kevin Iwamoto, Susan Dupart
  10. Take Two Aspirin and Call Me in the Morning : Expense Data Management and Consolidation Joe Bates, Gina Woodall
  11. Best Practices for Mobile Engagement Trevor Roald
  12. The Art of Negotiations and Contracts: Keys to Success Michael Sacks
  13. When Good Data Goes Bad Rock Blanco, Jeannie Eisenhart
  14. Corporate Travel Departments: Methods and Mechanisms Cheryl Benjamin, Isabelle Donovan, Mark Windsor
  15. Government Travel: Cost, Compliance and Competitiveness Joel Bailey
  16. Preparing for Growth: "How Can I Ready My Program for Organizational Growth and Expansion?" Albert Taras, Wendy Prewitt
  17. Travel in Asia Challenges and Opportunities Welf Ebeling, Koby Brice, Dean Fowles, Christopher Juneau, Tricia Lane, Waraporn Sornprom
  18. 9 Tools & Techniques To Recharge Your Hotel Program GBTA Hotel Committee
  19. The Rise of Consumer Choice: Competing for Compliance Matthew Beck
  20. Preferred Suppliers: Positioning for SMM Success  Debi Scholar
  21. Data Deep Dive: Meeting Metrics Beyond Spend & Savings Kari Wendel, Dave Cameron, George Odom
  22. How Technology is Changing the Way We Conduct Business and Travel Tom Tulloch, Rita Visser, Dorian Stonie, Maria Chevalier
  23. Leveraging TMCs for Travel Safety Theresa M. Thomas, Blake Goodwin, Charles Brossman, Jonathan Hamblett
  24. International Premium Air Travelers: What Do They Want? Joe Bates
  25. Are You Getting the Best Rates? Learn How to Find out Using GBTA 's Benchmarking Data Joe Bates
  26. Are We Covered? Sports and Risk Management Brad Carr, David LeCompte, Kevin Maguire, Francine Sommers
  27. Travel Industry Leadership: Managing Through Constant Change Peter J. Bates, Nick Vournakis, Lane Dubin, Thomas Gartland, Hank Benedetti, Don Jones, Phillip Peña
  28. Travel Risk Management Strategies - How to Select a TRM Partner for Your Program DeAnne Dale, Shelly Lewchuk, Robert Mintz, John Clifton
  29. SMM Technology Strategy : Countdown to Success Mike Malinchok
  30. Strategically Sourcing the Travel Management Company Pamela McTeer, Fred Dallenbach, Runyan, Ann Kloepfer, Ellen Moens
  31. Expense Titans Duke It Out: One Year Later.....Has Anything Changed? Tony D'Astolfo, Alan Tyson, Aaron Aycock, Chris Juneau, Dan Ouderkirk
  32. Road Warrior Apps: What You Need to Know Karoline Mayr, Chuck Ghoorah, Peter Kraus, Michael Jacques
  33. Driving Value, We've Got a Map for That! Jaimie Johnson, Jeanne Norton, Julie Polinsky, Pat Sage, Betty Sweetman
  34. Reconciling Differences: Strategic Supplier Relations in Air Alicia King, Brent Schultheis, Linda Francis, Robyn Gilmartin
  35. Optimizing Your Travel Card Program Sandy Gennrich, John Halford, Carolyn Hardee, Karoline Mayr, Cecile Mutch
  36. GBTA BTI™ Outlook - Q2 2012: United States Joe Bates, Kenneth McGill
  37. Travel in Latin America: Learning the Landscape Julian Benavento
  38. Big Opportunities, Big Risks: Keeping Your Employees Healthy, Safe, and Secure in BRIC Countries Robert Quigley, Alex Puig, Shelby LeMaire
  39. Finding Rationality in an Irrational World: The Economics of Successful Hotel Negotiations Isaac Collazo, Maria Lowry, Michael Sacks
  40. Innovations in Travel: Easy Lessons, Hard Problems Scott Gillespie
  41. The Garden of Good and Evil: Travel Management in the Year 2020 GLP Designation Team
  42. Guidelines vs. Mandates: Does a Managed Travel Program REALLY Make a Difference in Travel Behavior? Gina Woodall, Joe Taliuaga
  43. Megatrends for Safety and Security in the 21st Century Bruce McIndoe
  44. Challenges and Opportunities of Open Bookings Tom Wilkinson
  45. The Real Impact of Frequent Travel on Employees & the Company Bernard Harrop, Christopher A. Juneau
  46. Eating Your Way to Prosperity: How to Lower Travelers' Communication, Transportation and Dining Costs Ken Augustine, Claudia Unger, Pascal de Hesselle, Chris Froelich
  47. Switching TMCs - Major Challenges, Key Considerations, Lessons Learned  Marnie Readman, Kieran Hartwell, Dee Runyan
  48. Technology Enhancements on Your SMM Journey Cindy Heston, Jeannie Griffin, Anil Punyapu