2012 Travel Management Compensation & Benefits Survey: United States

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Date: November 28, 2012


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The 2012 Travel Management Compensation and Benefits Survey: United States from the GBTA Foundation is an annual report based on the responses of 529 corporate travel and meetings managers working in the United States. The report is designed to allow individual travel managers to compare their compensation levels and benefits with those of their peers.  The report provides detailed data on respondents' gender, job titles, professional certification, years of experience, and more.

Key Findings:


Compensation levels for travel professionals tend to increase as total domestic travel spend increases. In 2012 average compensation by title is as follows:

Directors: 4.1% increase to $140,650

Managers: 3.3% increase to $92,407

Coordinators: 2.7% increase to $60,157


Travel managers are responsible for global programs, with 63% of respondents indicating their program covers travelers in other countries.

The travel managers' roles are varied and vital. They are responsible for administering their corporate travel programs (87%); negotiating with travel vendors (87%); and, developing and administering their travel policy (84%). 

Travel managers also have responsibilities in other areas such as event planning (43%), evaluating new technology (79%) and developing strategic meetings management programs (38%).

Professional Development:

Over 80% of respondents reported their convention attendance and professional associations dues are benefits paid fully by their employers.

Three out of four respondents (75%) said their employers also covered continuing education

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