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PUBLIC GROUP: This online hotel group focuses on the challenges, opportunities, and new tools and technologies available to corporate travel managers today. Questions and discussions on topics such as the RFP selection process, OBT adoption, dynamic pricing, hotel savings methodologies and more will be discussed by GBTA members, and moderated by the GBTA Hotel Committee.


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    You should also be able to reach out to themajor brands (Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG etc) and they will beable to pull reports for your that have your email extensions inthe reservation.  We have over 40 email extensions and theycan pull for all of them to give us an estimate.  Also, pullfrom your card data for all lodging and compare the two reportsbetween the brand reporting and card data. Jill HuffmanGlobal Travel ManagerCardinal Health Global Headquarters7000 Car...
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    HiJeffrey, If you haven’tdone so already, you might want to take a look at the followingGBTA research: Buyer andSupplier Outlook on Virtual Payment Solutions Single-UseVirtual Accounts VirtualAccount Payment Solutions (United States) PaulYachnesSenior Manager,Research LibraryGBTAFoundationMain: +1 703 7393410 ext 182Direct: +1 703 . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Celebrate GBTAChapters with this Special Offer!Get 3 free mont...
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    HiNeil, You might mind thefollowing GBTA research reports interesting: PreferredHotel Programs: What is Important? United States 2015 GlobalHotel Program Study: Asia Pacific and Latin America 2014 GlobalHotel Program Study   PaulYachnesSenior Manager,Research LibraryGBTAFoundationMain: +1 703 7393410 ext 182Direct: +1 703 . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Celebrate GBTAChapters with this Special Offer!Get 3 free monthsof All...
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    Hi Debra; You could begin by pulling hotel data fromyour TMC, as well as in-house expense reports to determine whereyour travelers are currently staying.If you can break this down by city/location,and number of room nights, that will give you a good starting pointto begin a discussion.  You should also reach out to yourknown hotel suppliers.  Aggregating this data all togethershould give you a pretty good picture of your target list. Good luck! Regards,Vickie~~~...
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    Debra Reid:
    My company is starting a hotel program and we are facing 2 major issues:
    1. No company travel policy to book hotel through the designated agency
    2. Thus no volume data to be collected.
    What are some best practices from other companies facing these issues in the "start-up" phase of their hotel programs?
    Any information would be greatlty appreciated.
    I second the idea to ask your suppliers, although they may not have anything formal if you don't have an exis...
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    Thanks Jeff. But I am in saudi arabia which makes it difficult.

    Jeffrey Maurer:
    Dear Debra,

    Coming from the Hotel Industry I would recommend starting with some ChainWide Discounts at brands you know your travelers use.  We can start to collect data for you and help determine your top travel cities and booking habits.  I know my Company Red Roof encourages this so we can collect data and then determine where flat negotiated rates might be a best use for you.  My goal as a Nation...
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    Dear Members,

    GBTA recently added a new Committee that is focusing on Payment Solutions.  Our current focus is Virtual Payments in Airline, Hotel, and Car Rental.  We would love to hear some feedback from the members on pros and cons of using Virtual Cards.  How is the traveler experience?  Reporting?  Cost Control?  Program Compliance?  Hope to hear from you!
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    Hello, Debbie it's nice to connect with you this way and thanks for opening the dialogue on this topic.  As you noted, your team travel and length of stay needs are a great fit for an apartment or home. I'm happy to help connect your legal team with others in the industry and/or within Airbnb to help create the same level of comfort for them that we have for thousands of other companies.  Once fully understood, I think everyone in your organization would be impressed with the to...
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    Hi Debbie, has vetted apartment type properties to choose from and when activated through the business platform you can see the top picks for business travelers with business traveler reviews. Happy to talk more if you're interested in learning how to activate this!
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    Hi Debbie. We just published an article on that space. Hope it helps!

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