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PUBLIC GROUP: This online hotel group focuses on the challenges, opportunities, and new tools and technologies available to corporate travel managers today. Questions and discussions on topics such as the RFP selection process, OBT adoption, dynamic pricing, hotel savings methodologies and more will be discussed by GBTA members, and moderated by the GBTA Hotel Committee.


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    Hi Liana,We measure savings via a proprietary metric - Lowest Qualified Rate (LQR)™ - which compares your negotiated rate to the rate the traveler would have booked for the same bed and room type if the negotiated discount was not available. Below is an excerpt from a white paper I recently wrote on the topic. If you're interested in a copy, please let me know and I will send it directly. 
    The actual savings achieved will depend on the number of nights booked at the negotiated...
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    Hi Adrianne

    Thanks for your response - is this the correct one:

    Would you usually do this at the end of the year?

    Can I ask if you have fixed negotiated rates with hotels, or use dynamic pricing?

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    This is exactly how I calculate my savings.  I use the BTN index.

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    I am looking at ways of calculating our hotel savings. The general rule would be:

    Old rate – new rate x room nights
    Adjusted with market rate increase

    Can I ask what other members use to calculate the market increases? Is there a particular travel pricing index, or do you use the inflation rate of the hotel country?


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    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for the information and will surely see the report.
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    Hi Stacey.  
    BottomLine Group (BLG) can help you as we have a talented team of consultants and analysts who manage Hotel RFP Programs.  We have managed over 250 corporate hotel programs, delivering strong savings results and high levels of satisfaction to our clients.  I sent you a separate message as well, and look forward to connecting.  Thank you!

    Heidi Sanderson DanielsTravel Practice Line
    804.372.9943Please note my new email address:heidi.sanderson@optimuss...
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    Yes, there are several providers that can assist you. From my perspective you can tackle this a few different ways.

    Depending on the details of your exisiting agencies response, you may want to look at the consulting arms of other agencies (CWT Solutions Group, Advito, etc.). Most of the major TMC's will have a seperate, but associated, group of consultants that handle hotel RFP's. The benefit of going with one of the agency shoot-offs is that you would get a bit of i...
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    Hi Stacey,  This is one of our team’s areas of expertise at GoldSpring Consulting. We’ll be in touch directly with more information. All the best, Katharine

    Katharine R. Williams Director of Marketing and Communications
    GoldSpring Consulting LLC
    Your Source for Exceptional Travel Advice
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    Hi Stacey. Our recent coverage might offer some ideas. If you haven't trialed our news and analysis site, you can request three weeks of access at no cost by emailing us here. Thanks, Jay
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    It's very late in the game but my TMC, who has facilitated by RFP over the past few years only now has offered to handle my RFP process for 5x's the price they have historically charged! 
    I am looking for an alternative.  Who do you use to facilitate your Hotel RFP?  I would prefer not to use a self-service tool but will do so if I absolutely have to do so. 
    Looking for a company I can send the list of hotels to and have them send out the RFP, and work with my TMC to load and audit the rates...

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