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The Threat of Terrorism and the Importance of Crisis Response Planning - Back by Popular Demand!

2015 events like Paris, Belgium and San Bernardino served as grim reminders that travel security risks exist everywhere and anything can happen anywhere in the world at any time.  Incidents like these also raise a lot of questions: Is terrorism here to stay? How does the current focus on Islamic State affect the risk rating of a country? What does this mean for the future of travel, especially large events in low risk countries?  How does a travel manager ensure their company is positioned to respond in the event of an emergency?  What are the consequences if a company is not equipped to handle a crisis?  The GBTA Risk Committee invites you to join industry subject matter experts in an informative and engaging discussion of these pressing topics. The reality is that 2016 will bring new experiences and there has never been a better time to get informed and become better prepared.  
At the end of the session, participants should be able to:
    • Understand the threat of terrorism and its impact to traveler security.
    • Identify the importance, and critical elements, of a crisis response plan.
    • Recognize the consequences of being unprepared in an emergency.
Matt Burdette; Eduardo Labanca; Cathy Rigby; Erin Wilk
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Travel Risk Management
Safety and security

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