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Armored Cars and Security Guards and Travel Restrictions, OH MY! The Real Deal on "High" Risk Travel

How many times have your business travelers asked you this question: "Well, is it safe to go there???" How do you answer this question? Are you familiar with the medical and security risks of your employees' travel destinations? Has your organization defined travel risk in a way that is accepted and enforced? Do you have a process in place to evaluate destinations and rate their level of vulnerability? Do you supply travel safety briefings prior to departure? Are you providing ground security support to your travelers in a way that is appropriate for their destination and profile?

The reality is that various factors such as crime, terrorism, civil unrest, geopolitical environments, political instability, and information security DO influence the risk environment of a location and will directly impact the safety of your business travelers. With the expansion of companies' global footprints, travel to emerging markets and higher risk locations is also increasing as is increased scrutiny of Duty of Care standards. As a result, it is more prudent than ever to ensure that travel risk is correctly understood and the proper mitigation measures are put in place for your travelers before they ever depart on their journey!

Where do you start? Join the GBTA Risk Committee and industry subject matter experts in a very candid discussion of what high risk travel really means and what best practicesreally work.
Sam Roper; Nina Markowitz; Erin Wilk
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Travel Risk Management
Safety and security, Duty of care

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