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How Traveller Booking Behaviour Impacts Safety

All companies have a moral and legal responsibility for the safety of their employees. “Duty of care” not only applies at the workplace, but also when employees work from a remote location or travel for business. This study, based on a survey of business travellers in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, and conducted in partnership with Concur, examines duty of care from the business traveller’s perspective. It focuses mainly on two key aspects of duty of care:

1. Booking data and programme visibility: Virtually every risk management function that companies perform depends to some extent on booking data. What happens when travellers book outside of their company’s preferred channels? How does their company capture data from these bookings?

2. Risk services: How often do companies provide travellers with various risk services such as an emergency assistance hotline, traveller training, travel advisories, and SMS (text) communication?
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