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GBTA Hotel RFP Global Format 2013

The new Hotel RFP is global, more efficient and easier to use, quantifies vendor sustainability practices and incorporates web service functionality for automation of data transfer. The process to examine and update the Hotel RFP was done with support from sponsor Hilton Worldwide.

GBTA Foundation, along with members of the GBTA Hotel Committee, the GBTA Foundation's International Taskforce and Technology Taskforce, and over 50 volunteers from around the world conducted an extensive review of the previous RFP format. The groups created the new Hotel RFP to provide members and their respective companies with an invaluable resource for the 2013 hotel negotiating season.

9/28/12 - The GBTA Hotel RFP Global Format 2013 was revised by adding the definition of Energy Intensity to field 709 and correcting fields 286 and 287.

6/19/13 - Corrections were made to the Field Name in fields 91 and 92, and the Field Size increased from 5,2 to 6,2 in field 702.

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