GBTA TRM Supplier Capabilities Survey 

As part of the on-going global roll-out of the ISO 31030:2021 “Travel Risk Management – Guidance for Organizations,” the GBTA Risk Committee conducted a detailed survey of Allied members that provide TRM products and services against seven (7) key sections and 19 specific guidance areas of the ISO 31030 guidelines. The TRM Supplier Survey helps identify the key areas suppliers can support in implementing the TRM guidelines for an organization. More importantly, the TRM Supplier Survey aids a Travel Buyer in identifying the specific capabilities of a given TRM Supplier. This TRM Supplier matrix can help identify gaps with a current provider or what providers can fill specific gaps in the program.

The Risk Committee sent out invitations to all GBTA Allied members that were known to provide TRM products and/or services relating to the key capabilities within the ISO 31030.
Allied members responded to the detailed survey with supporting evidence of their capabilities. The GBTA Risk Committee assigned independent GBTA TRM Survey Reviewers to each submission. Each team reviewed the items in the survey and the associated evidence to denote if the capability was supported or not supported. In most cases, the evaluation team followed up with the suppliers to obtain more detailed evidence and/or clarify their response. Here are the results from this GBTA TRM Supplier Capabilities Survey. To enlarge, click on image to open in new tab.


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The GBTA Global Risk Committee would like to thank you all the participants of this industry survey of TRM suppliers for their great collaboration and willingness to provide all the relevant information to complete this survey. If you are GBTA Allied member that provides TRM services and you would like to be included on this list you can review all the information on how to complete the supplier capabilities survey on the page. If you have any questions related to this survey you can send an email to the Global Risk committee on

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