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Risk Radar: Managing the Medical and Security Implications of the Ebola Epidemic - How will you protect your travelers?


Tune in for the first installment of a special Risk Radar webinar series brought to you by the GBTA Risk Committee. This webinar will examine the Ebola outbreak from both a medical and security perspective to help participants develop a comprehensive understanding of its implications to travelers.

Participants serve to gain a better understanding of how Ebola is spread and the basic strategies for preventing transmission. Due to the likely continued expansion of the Ebola virus within and now past African borders, it is vital to be aware of Ebola treatment, containment, and transportation options for those who have contracted the virus. Dr. Delaune, will also inform of the predicted course of the outbreak, as well as provide a substantive list of resources to help webinar participants stay abreast of any important developments.

For the security perspective, George Taylor of iJET International will discuss the challenges associated with non-medical evacuations from the Ebola endemic regions of West Africa to help participants for communication and accountability plans for travelers in the affected areas. This session will also explore exit options that account for each country's laws and travel restrictions, way to leverage in-country relationships to create safe and effective options for travelers, and the logistics of moving travelers to safe havens.

At the end of the session, participants should be able to:

• Understand the 2014 Ebola outbreak in a historical context and the predicted course of the outbreak in the months ahead.
• Recognize how Ebola is spread and basic strategies for preventing transmission.
• Be aware of the treatment and transportation options for anyone who is exposed to Ebola.
• Evaluate their business decision to send people into affected areas (who and why, what is the communication plan, what is the accountability plan).
• Understand what is involved in moving people out of a country or to a safe haven, should the need arise.
• Discuss how a response operation prepared for and plans for these types of emergency, non-medical evacuations.

Erin Wilk; Eugene F. Delaune; George Taylor
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