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How Are Strategic Meetings Management Programs (SMMPs) Performing? Results from the GBTA SMM Maturity Index: 2011-2014


In 2011, GBTA's Groups and Meetings Committee developed the SMM Maturity Index. The Index allows meeting managers to benchmark their programs against "Best in Class practices" for 13 different components of SMM.  Respondents receive a rating for each component that summarizes their development. The tool also weights each component according to importance and gives respondents an overall maturity rating. In addition, respondents are given customized recommendations for improvement. The Index is designed for all stages of SMM adoption. It can help meeting managers who are considering SMM, getting their programs off the ground, or trying to make improvements to an already well-developed program.

The Index is available to GBTA Direct/Buyer Members free of charge. Members can access the Index through the GBTA Hub, or through the link below:​

Since 2011, 94 respondents have completed at least one section of the Index and 50 have completed the entire assessment. This paper analyzes their responses. It examines the progress of their SMMPs overall, and in 12 different areas*. It identifies areas where they are succeeding and areas where they are struggling. It may help meeting managers understand the progress made by-and the gaps, challenges, and opportunities facing-many of their colleagues who are considering, implementing, or managing SMMPs. It also recommends actions respondents could take to improve their scores.

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