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TMCs Today and Tomorrow: A Survey of Business Travelers and Corporate Travel Managers

This study examines how TMCs are serving companies and business travelers. It is based on two surveys –one of business travelers and one of Travel Managers. The study focuses primarily on comparisons of U.S.-based Travel Managers and business travelers, while highlighting data on business travelers and Travel Managers in the United Kingdom, and business travelers in Australia. The goals were to discover:

1) How do Travel Managers feel they are being served by their TMC(s)? What areas do they
identify where their TMC(s) should focus on improving in the coming years?

2) How do business travelers feel they are being served by their company/TMC? Are their
needs being met? What areas do travelers identify where their travel program can
improve? How can TMCs help travel programs meet the needs of these travelers?

3) Are the priorities of Travel Managers different from those of business travelers?

4) How often do travel programs use various TMC services? Are Travel Managers and
business travelers satisfied with these services?

5) Are business travelers satisfied with using various channels to book trips? Will travel
programs allow booking through alternative channels more or less in the future?

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