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Booking Behaviour: The Business Traveller’s Perspective - A Survey of Business Travellers in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France

In 2013, the GBTA Foundation published the Global Travel Management Study, based on a survey of more than 1,400 Travel Managers, including 145 in Europe. Respondents rated their travel programme’s success in achieving various goals. In Europe, only 55% of Travel Managers thought their programme was successful when it came to traveller’s adherence to booking through approved channels. A similar share (53%) thought it was successful when it came to traveller’s adherence to booking with preferred vendors. These figures were lower than the worldwide rates of 68% and 61%, respectively.

The current study examines booking from the business traveller’s perspective. It is based on a survey of 741 business travellers who reside in Europe’s three largest business travel markets: Germany, the United Kingdom, and France. Together, these countries accounted for $137 billion in spending on business travel in 2014, representing about half of Western Europe’s total.

Research questions for this study include:
  1. What types of channels do travellers use to book business trips? Do they use company-provided channels, supplier channels, or both? How often do they use these channels?
  2. When do travellers decide not to use the booking channel(s) preferred by their company?
  3. What types of booking channels do travellers prefer? If they had no restrictions, which channel would they use?
  4. How often do companies have in place a pre-trip approval process? When they have a process in place, how often do travellers follow this process?
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