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Business Travel Accident Insurance and Travel Risk Management - Are You Covered?

There is a common misperception that business travel accident (BTA) insurance policies alone are sufficient in protecting traveling employees. The fact is that insurance policies only go into effect when an incident actually occurs whereas a travel risk management program takes a proactive and bespoke approach to mitigating and managing risk. While many BTA policies have embedded travel assistance provisions, they can often lack critical services as well as the coordination necessary to urgently respond to an actual incident with impact. At the core of most BTA policies is accidental death and dismemberment coverage but many do not cover out-of-county medical costs, security evacuations or war risk – considerations that companies should understand if they are operating in higher risk locations.  Do you know the extent of coverage within your organization?  Is there an assumption that you are covered yet no one is sure of the details?  Are there gaps in your insurance policies or other programs that are leaving your traveling employees open to increased risk?  How do you determine when and where additional coverage or assistance services are needed?  How then do you apply these offerings so they effectively get utilized when needed?  Join the GBTA Risk Committee and industry subject matter experts in a robust conversation about this important – yet often misunderstood – topic.
Anthony Liberatore; Andrew S. Miller; Erin L. Wilk
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Travel Risk Management
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