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Travel Programs: Challenges, Priorities and Implications

As the travel industry evolves in response to mobile technology and employee direct-booking behavior, travel managers are finding they need to modernize their travel programs not only to control costs, but also to increase overall travel and expense visibility.

While there are obstacles to overcome with implementing new processes and technology, travel managers agree that streamlined, modern travel and expense solutions should be considered. After all, direct booking is a reality that will continue to increase as users prefer the convenience, and suppliers (e.g., hotel chains) continue to incentivize employees to transact directly, outside of established channels.

This report takes a look at travel program challenges many travel managers and finance managers face – and are trying to solve for – in today’s workplace:

• Direct booking is a consumer behavior that continues to grow and needs to be factored into company travel plans and processes

• Travel manager priorities can’t be fully achieved without addressing direct booking as current tools don’t accommodate direct booking – resulting in lack of visibility, lost supplier savings opportunities, lost value of pre-trip booking data, the inability to communicate with travelers in time of crisis, and more.

• Travel managers agree that it is critical to implement modern travel programs that accommodate direct booking while also providing big-picture expense visibility with a built-in risk-management program, despite the challenges.
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