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Travel Safety Toolkit: Planning

Here is where it’s important to keep your organization’s plans and objectives in the forefront of this journey.

• Assemble a team. It will be easier to navigate through this project if you have a team to support the various aspects of a travel safety program. You may discover that there are initiatives and support you need from various stakeholders. Check out the resource to see who you should consider.

• Using the planning matrix resource, you will discover some of the most important categories to consider. This resource was assembled by a team of experts in the industry, and the data will help give you a broad perspective on each topic to consider. It might be useful to engage your ‘stakeholders’ in helping answer these questions and to see how they compare.

• Keep your project in check. Within the identified key components of travel safety, review the checklists resource and policy examples. Use them as a template to make your own. The glossary can be used to help with industry language.
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