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Travel Safety Toolkit: Category Checklists

Travel Insurance
A company should be insured for travel related risks. They should know travel patterns to high risk destinations, how many employees travel, how often, length of stay. Insurance premium costs are largely driven by travel activity and policies/practices of the company. In addition auto insurance protects the company for liability coverage or any loss or damage caused by the employee and should be considered for rental car usage

Traveler Tracking
Traveler Tracking is a method to quickly locate employees traveling should the need arise to notify them of travel emergencies or provide assistance for health or medical needs which helps support our companies 'duty of care' objectives

Corporate Credit Card
Payment considerations are important as there are often insurance benefits for travelers. In addition, the company may have financial benefits from consolidated payment solutions. Card programs also provide traveler tracking ability should other solutions not be in place

Risks associated with data and data systems, i.e. mobile devices, laptops, etc. A company needs to have a process in place to protect the data carried by employees when traveling.

Traveler safety programs for business travelers are only good if the travelers are aware of them and follow the required path to a successful program. This resource will provide examples on avenues of communication about such programs

Destination Intelligence
Destination intelligence is a critical component of a successful travel safety program. It is the legal and moral responsibility of a company to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees. The expectation of knowledge is key in assisting the business travel before, during and after the trip.

Centralizing meetings or having policies and processes in place for meetings allows an organization to communicate about the nuances of safety while traveling in groups.
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