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Traveler Satisfaction Outlook: Are Companies Focused on What Matters?

Business travel is often viewed as a career perk, but it can also be an exhausting experience when considering the extended periods of time in transit, being away from family and friends, and last-minute delays and cancellations. Efforts to improve traveler satisfaction can improve morale, decrease staff turnover, and improve recruiting efforts, and travel buyers are taking note. In recent years, the business travel industry has seen innovative efforts to boost satisfaction through duty of care efforts, policy changes, and technology integration. However, less is known about what a formal “traveler satisfaction” program entails, and what steps are needed to develop one. This study explores the concept of traveler satisfaction programs to better understand how organizations measure traveler satisfaction, and which program elements drive satisfaction. Key questions include:
  • What is the status of “traveler satisfaction” program development?
  • What are the components of a traveler satisfaction program?
  • Which types of organizations are early adopters?
  • What elements are measured in the success of a traveler satisfaction program?
  • What role do ancillaries play in traveler satisfaction?
  • Do organizations with traveler satisfaction programs see positive results? If so, where?
Traveler Satisfaction Outlook: Are Companies Focused on What Matters?Traveler Satisfaction Outlook: Are Companies Focused on What Matters?657 KB
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