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Travel Risk Management (TRM) and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Size does not diminish responsibility for your travellers: SMEs need to address duty of care too.

No matter how small your organization is, if you send employees abroad there is no escaping your responsibilities – you might just have to fulfil them in different ways.

When sending employees abroad, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) face the same exposure to Health, Safety and Security risks as do larger companies and have the same legal/administrative obligations as larger companies in the context of Duty of Care and its jurisprudence (civil and criminal liabilities).

But - as with all other risks - responsibility for fulfilling that duty of care can either be transferred to others or managed in-house (or avoided, by deciding that as the duty of care cannot be met, the company cannot take – or cannot afford to take - on the work).  The ideal for SMEs who are subcontracting to a larger company (for example, for the provision of engineering expertise or training) is to transfer the responsibility to the party who is contracting them: but even then, this is unlikely to be 100% and “the Devil will be in the detail”, which needs to be nailed down contractually.

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