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Leveraging Data to Improve Traveler Experience
Increasingly, companies consider the “value” of business travel. They examine how travel impacts employee retention, productivity, and engagement. Some have built an employee-centric travel program. These companies have not only revisited their priorities – they have searched for new metrics and data sources to evaluate their program’s performance.

This study examines how companies leverage data and key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve traveler experience. It is based on a survey of North American travel buyers, and addresses several key questions including:

1) Do travel buyers think a managed travel program can impact employee retention? If so, which aspects have the most impact?

How often do travel buyers survey employees? What do they survey about?

Do buyers track and report on their most frequent business travelers? Do they have specific policies for these travelers?

Are buyers interested in using HR data to track traveler retention or turnover?

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