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GBTA Europe Meetings Committee - Meetings Toolkit

This Meetings Management Toolkit (the Toolkit) has been produced by voluntary committee members of the GTBA Europe Meetings Committee. Details of the members can be found on the GTBA website

The aim of the Toolkit is to provide a resource for people either new to meetings management or wishing to take the management of their organisation’s meeting spend to the next level.  The Toolkit is arranged into eight modules covering; technology solutions, duty of care/risk assessment, governance and stakeholder engagement, data management, establishing spend, operational approaches, return on investment/objectives/engagement and payment solutions. Each module within the Toolkit can be used independently or interlinked, each covering eight specific stage of enhancing your meetings management.

Within each module you will find a three-step approach covering a basic, a better and a best approach. This three-step approach moving from basic to best is intended to help users of the Toolkit identify with the maturity of their own meetings management programme.

It is also intended that the Toolkit can be used by any size of organisation, any level of experience and also any level of maturity in meetings management.

The Meetings Committee has produced this toolkit using their extensive knowledge from a cross-section of industries as a practical and tactical resource focusing on how meetings management can be improved. It is intended that the Toolkit sits alongside a Strategic Meetings Management Programme (SMMP) and that these two resources are used in conjunction with each other.  Furthermore, you may also want to consider reviewing your organisation’s meetings management maturity level by referencing GBTA’s Strategic Meetings Management Maturity Index

It is anticipated that the Toolkit will be expanded in the future so that each module will have examples and case studies for each level (basic, better and best) that may be used in your organisation, depending on the maturity of your meetings management programme.

We hope you find the Toolkit incredibly useful and the Meetings Committee would welcome any feedback that you may have.

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