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GBTA Business Traveler Sentiment Index - Wave 2 Infographic

The GBTA Business Traveler Sentiment Index™, in partnership with RoomIt by CWT, aims to understand how business travelers feel about their travel experience and how those feelings affect their actual behaviors related to travel. The research identifies the key drivers of business traveler satisfaction while examining trip behaviors, experiences, preferences and challenges.

The study sets a baseline for measuring business traveler sentiment over the last twelve months and will assess how sentiment changes (if at all) on a quarterly basis.

To develop the Sentiment Index and assess feelings around business travel, an online survey was conducted among business travelers around the globe in the United States, EMEA, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. The data analysis revealed four key categories that directly impact business traveler sentiment and comprise the Sentiment Index: 
  • Traveler Experience (i.e., attitudes toward general trip experience from booking to air travel and hotel stays to expense reporting);
  • Trip Success and Meeting Business Objectives (i.e., attitudes toward aspects of the business trip that lead to improved trip success);
  • Travel Management Policy Friction (i.e., attitudes toward company travel policy management, flexibility and comprehension); and
  • Technology for Business Travel (i.e., opinions about technology’s impact on business travel)
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