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GBTA Virtual Payment Toolkit

The GBTA Payment Solutions Committee is comprised of travel professionals from multiple industries including Payment Providers and Card Networks, Travel Management Companies, Hoteliers, Global Distribution Systems, and Travel Technology Providers, providing majority representation from stakeholders within the reservation a virtual payment ecosystem.  All individuals shared their knowledge regarding virtual payments for hotel reservations and identified the key challenges, opportunities for improvement, and suggestions on ways to standardize the process for hoteliers. The items within this document are a compilation of recommendations and suggestions for ways to minimize VCN usage conflicts by travelers, buyers, and suppliers, created based on all stakeholders’ experience with VCN.

The GBTA Payment Solution Committee's Virtual Payment Tool Kit consists of the following items:

1. What is Virtual Card Number (VCN)?
2. Who are the Virtual Card Players?
3. PCI Rules
4. Recommended VCN Best Practices for Travel Management Companies
5. Recommended VCN Best Practices for Hoteliers
6. Recommended VCN Best Practices for Travel Buyers
7. RFP Process
8. Standardized fax authorization form recommendation
9. What is Next?
10. VCN Q&A Example Doc
11. VCN Traveler Example Doc
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