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Choosing the Right Technology in Support of Your Strategic Meetings Management Program

The right technology is a key component of a successful Strategic Meetings Management Program (SMMP), as outlined by the NBTA Groups & Meetings Committee in the white paper, Framework for Success: Building a Strategic Meetings Management Program. This next installment in the Framework for Success series focuses on SMMP technology considerations and is designed to serve as a guide for travel managers who are at the stage in the development and/or management of their program to make technology decisions.

This document is comprised of three sections. The first section is a functional discussion about technology relating to the best practices flow components of an SMMP as outlined in the initial Framework for Success white paper. This section will discuss how technology can be utilized to manage and support each process step of an SMMP. The second section will outline eight key technology selection criteria points for consideration. These guidelines will provide the NBTA Direct Member with key points to research and review before making final decisions on meetings management technology. The final section will examine the importance of conducting a cost/benefit analysis of an SMMP technology purchase.

As with all papers in the Framework for Success series, this Technology Considerations document is designed to provide the NBTA Direct Member with guidelines. Each organization is unique and individual situations may require additional or different considerations. However, the broad nature of the information contained herein is intended to be flexible enough to guide sound decision processes in the majority of corporations.
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