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Critical Meeting Components: Hotel and Air

The hotel and air components will be addressed in this document. The remaining components will be featured in upcoming projects. As you drill down on each component you will be able to see the various objectives both suppliers and meeting planners look for when negotiating these components, and why. We will also examine the difference in a “group buy" vs. a "Business Travel or (BT) related buy", and provide suggestions on how to leverage both. For your reference there is a Glossary provided with definitions of industry terms used in this document.

This document provides you “Tips of the Trade” from both the supplier and the meeting planner on working with a hotel when it is used as the meeting venue. These considerations should be used as a resource to help understand what is involved when planning and negotiating group business with a hotel, and how this will vary from working on individual business travel. The format used will first highlight “key considerations” from a Meeting Manager and then follow with key considerations from a Hotel Supplier. By understanding both viewpoints you will be better positioned to negotiate overall hotel contracts with the right suppliers for the right type of business.
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