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Mobilizing Internal Stakeholders in Support of Your Strategic Meetings Management Program

In Building a Strategic Meetings Management Program, the NBTA Groups & Meetings Committee recommended the following:

'A series of internal interviews with traditional (known) meeting planners and sponsors will enable a baseline to be documented for “professionally” handled meetings and events. Subsequent interviews with non-traditional planners (i.e. Administrative Assistants, etc.), sponsors and department managers will benchmark the level and processes of nontraditional planning. These interviews should be productive, yielding detailed information on how, when, where, etc., the bulk of company meetings/event activity is completed. In addition, due diligence should be completed in collaboration with other internal stakeholders, such as Corporate Travel, Accounts Payable, Marketing, Finance, Internal Audit, Procurement, and any other group with detailed understanding of the budgeting processes, general ledger, and expense reporting systems.'

As promised, this most recent installment in the Framework for Success series -- Mobilizing Internal Stakeholders -- comprises a support strategy that further expands on this section of the original white paper. As with previous papers in this series, this guide is targeted to the corporate travel manager who is tasked by corporate leadership with the design and development of a strategic meetings management program. As such, the objective of this support strategy is to help those versed in the intricacies of corporate travel management recognize and act upon the differences between mobilizing internal stakeholders to support creation of a strategic travel management program and a strategic meetings management program. The concepts and guidance outlined herein, however, are certainly meaningful for a broader audience than corporate travel management and the application of the principles are recommended for anyone tasked with this important job. This document is intended to outline key components of the initial relationship building and ongoing maintenance of partnership with internal “customers” of an SMMP, and specifically, with the meeting planners themselves.
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