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Part A: A Starter’s Guide,
Payments in Business Travel

Part B: Types of Payments

Part C: Segments of Travel:
Accommodations, Air, & Ground Transportation

Part D: Tail Spend, Payment RFP, & Reconciliation
(Coming 2024)
  • Module X: Tail Spend, What's That?
  • Module XI: Ground Transportation
  • Module XII: Reconciliation

Who Are The Common Stakeholders

Learning Objectives

  • identify who in your organization should be involved in the payment program.
  • identify who outside of your organization should be involved in the payment program.
  • understand where everyone falls within the lifecycle.


Corporate Travel Buyers, Managers and Finance Team:
Responsible for managing the travel programs for their companies as well the financial team for reconciliation and expense insight.

Travel Management Companies (TMCs):
Agency resources so that rates negotiated by Travel Buyers are available to be booked over the phone by travelers. 
Example: AMEXGBTA, BCD, CWT, Direct Travel, World Travel Inc., etc.


Online Booking Tool (OBT):
Platform for which travelers can book their own travel online. 
Example: EConcur, Deem, Egencia, GetThere, etc.


Corporate Card Suppliers:
Major banks providing corporate American Express, MasterCard or Visa cards for a corporation’s traveling population.
Example: American Express, Bank of America, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, etc.

Virtual Card Suppliers: 
Automates the process by generating a VCN for a specific purchase (i.e. hotel, air, etc.). 
Example: Conferma Pay, CSI, GraspPAY, HRS PAY, WEX, etc.


Global Distribution Systems (GDS): 
A worldwide computerized reservation network used by travel agents, online reservations sites and large corporations to book airfare, hotel reservations, rental cars, and other travel related items. Example: Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport +. 


  • Hoteliers

  • Airline Partners 

  • Ground Partners


Where The Stakeholder Fall Within The Lifecycle