The New Payment Solutions Toolkit!

Understanding payments in the travel industry can be overwhelming at times. The landscape is constantly changing and keeping up on trends can be a job of its own. 
This toolkit is designed to educate all areas of the ecosystem. From payment types, best practices, payment RFP and reconciliation, we’ve got it covered! 

How to Use this Toolkit

GBTA’s toolkit is structured into 12 modules (Part D coming in 2024), organized into 4 parts, all navigable under our GBTA Member Hub.  Modules can be read independently from one another.
NOTE: For best results, please access this on a desktop computer.


  • Part A: A Starter's Guide – Payments in Business Travel
    • Glossary establishes and breaks down the buzz words.
    • Part A (Modules 1-3) provides an introduction to payments, identifies who the stakeholders are and gives an understanding to compliance.
  • Part B: Types of Payments
    • Part B (Modules 4-6) Central Billing, dives into the different types of payments and use purposes for each.
  • Part C: Segments of Travel Accommodations, Air & Payment RFP
    • Part C (Modules 7-9) Reconciliation. 
  • Part D: Data – Tail Spend, Ground Transportation and Reconciliation
    • Part D (Modules 10-12) dives into data, how to analyze/understand and provides insight into the payment RFP.
Module 1:

Introduction to Payments
Module 2:

Module 3:

Module 4:

Card in Hand
(Coming 2024)
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Module 5:

Central Payment
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Module 6:

Virtual Payments
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Module 7:

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Module 8:

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Module 9:

Payment RFP
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Module 10:

Tail Spend, What's That?
(Coming 2024)
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Module 11:

Ground Transportation
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Module 12:

(Coming 2024)
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This toolkit was developed by GBTA’s Payment Solutions Committee whose objective is to provide strategic direction for business travel payment. The committee provides leadership to members and the global business travel community through education, strategic direction and universal standards, as it relates to travel payment. The Payment Solutions Committee's initiative aims to build a simpler future for business travel by sharing insights and best practices across all verticals of business travel.